World Cup Soccer Sportsball Case

Patent No: 7740782, 6656067

A sportsball includes a ball cover, a bladder disposed in the ball cover, and a stress absorbing layer provided between the ball cover and the bladder. The ball cover has a valve hole provided thereon and consists of a plurality of panels each having a predetermined shape.

NBA Basketball With Cushion Layers

Patent No: 6206795, 6506135, 6544133

A basketball, which is more durable and has a softer feeling to reduce the painful during ball passing and shooting, especially suitable for children, training players and amateur players, includes a spherical bladder carcass and a plurality of cover panels.

IMU world's smallest Case | Core Inertial Measurement Unit

Patent No: 6522992,6516283

A core inertial measurement unit, which is adapted to apply to output signals proportional to rotation and translational motion of a carrier, respectively from angular rate sensors and acceleration sensors, is employed with MEMS rate and acceleration sensors.

Healthcare Shoes

Patent No: 6151807

A health care shoe, which can continuously provide adequate magnetic field arranged to penetrate through the wearer's foot for improving the wearer's blood circulation and metabolism, includes a sole having a plurality of magnet cavities specifically indented and distributed on an inner surface.